Bima Bhakti Group Indonesia serves your various equipments requirements from any manufacturer in the world.

We can arrange the order booking on your behalf or nominee basis, hence your supplier will not know the enduser / importer.

We also can arrange transporting of the package from any Port / place in the world to your door thru our shipping networks.

With our import door to door services, Your cargo will arrive on time and safe, Our Import door to door rate offered in One package all in rate, including Tax and duty in Indonesia, import License complete, Ex-works rate from Origin to Indonesia. Port charges, Warehouse charges.

We have experiences in supplying various SOIL Geotechnical Testing Equipments, such as : Pietzometers, Inclinometers, Inclinometer casing, Dataloggers, Instrument Cables, Wireless Network Module, Magnetic Probe Extensometer, Digital Tape Extensometer, Vibrating Wire Soil Extensometer, Rod Extensometer, Vibrating Wire Embedment Jointmeter, Vibrating Wire Crackmeter, Vibrating Wire
Triaxial / Perimetric Jointmeters, Vibrating Wire Load Cell, Vibrating Wire Pressure Cell, Push-In Vibrating Wire Pressure Cell, Readouts, Vibrating Wire Data Recorder, Hydraulic Digital Bluetooth Profile Gauge, Settlement Coil, Strain Gauge, Temperature Sensor, Thermocouple Temperature Sensor, Tilt, Electrolevel Beam Sensor, Tiltsensor, Cable Free Tiltsensor, Piezometer, Hydraulic Piezometer, Pneumatic Piezometer, Waterlevel, and many more.

We also deal with various Sonar Radar products, like Fishfinder and more.
Also in various Oil Lubricants, such as Fyrquel Oil Lubricant, and many more.

All import Commodities we can help sourcing and handle the imports on door to Door basis, some are indicated below :
Textile, garment, Sport item out door and In door, Electronic unit, parts or tool supporting Industrial field, Air soft gun, Pain ball gun, shoes, Handy craft, Communication item, musical item, Oil and Gas product, Parts of Computers, Parts of electronics, electrical parts, Soil Testing Equipments, Lubricant Oil, Chemical & DG Cargo, and many other import items which are difficult in process.

We can arrange the shipment via air cargo, sea transport (LCL or FCL).

We also provide domestics courier services by Air & Sea to and from all main ports in Indonesia.
Daily trucking to Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan and other Indonesian Island.
Project cargo handling and movers to all Indonesia Cities.

Please contact us :
Phone No. 0815 1323 4190 ,  0818 692956

Harga Import Door to Door Murah dari Luar Negeri
Percayakan import door to door untuk paket atau barang anda dari luar negeri.
Paket atau barang anda di pick up di Negara asal atau Country of Origin,
kami kirimkan via udara atau laut, dan kami antarkan ke alamat anda.
Untuk harga murah Import door to door hubungi :
Email :
Telp   :   0815 1323 4190, 0818 692956

Import Ex Singapore
Import Ex Negara Negara Lain

Jasa Pengiriman Impor Terpercaya

Kami melayani jasa pembelian dan pemesanan hingga pengiriman barang dari luar negeri ke Indonesia.
Harga bersaing, including tax dan duty  Indonesia, beserta ex-work sytems, pick up ditempat
asal dan dikirim tepat sampai alamat tujuan.

Kami menawarkan Jasa Pengiriman Dalam Negeri (Antar Pulau/kota/daerah di Indonesia) dan
juga import door to door.

Kami memiliki berbagai layanan antara lain pengiriman via darat (trucking), pengiriman via laut
(FCL dan LCL) , dan juga pengiriman via udara.

Khusus untuk import door to door, kami melayani service via lau (LCL, FCL) dan melalui udara
dari berbagai negara ke Indonesia.

Kami melayani jasa import barang baik dengan sistem normal dan door to door.
Pelayanan import yang di berikan dengan sistem udara dan laut dari Negara asal ke Indonesia
atau transit via Singapore.
Harga yang di tawarkan sudah termasuk Bea Masuk dan Pajak.

Kami dapat mengimport segala jenis komodity baik barang - barang umum, barang berbahaya,
kimia, garmen, bahan tekstil, barang elektrik, peralatan electronik dan jenis barang tertentu lainnya.

Untuk info lengkap, silahkan hubungi :
Email :
Telp   :   0815 1323 4190, 0818 692956