Tissue Products :

We supply following Tissue Products from Indonesia and China Origin.
Please contact us via email : bimagroup@yahoo.com  if you have any
firm inquiries on these products.

JUMBO ROLL TISSUE                                                      MULTI FOLD TISSUE WITH BRAND

MULTI FOLD TISSUE PLAIN                                        TOILET TISSUE ROLL


We have wide ranges of tissue products and above photos are some of
our best sellers tissue products. Please contact our Customer Services
below for details on ordering and payment.

MELAYANI Pesanan / Penjualan Produk Tissue :
Jumbo Roll Tissue
Multi Fold Tissue
Pop Up Tissue
Toilet Roll Tissue
Tissue Basah Satuan (sachet)
Khusus pengiriman ke luar kota Jakarta, bisa dikirim
via TIKI, Ekspedisi Darat (Truk / Kereta Api) dan via
Kapal Laut, atau Pesawat Udara.
Juga Melayani Pesanan Tissue untuk Promosi.
(Bisa dicetak merk restaurant, event, merk promosi)
Hubungi Hotline kami untuk informasi pemesanan dan

Customer Services Hotline :
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(+62) 021 7008 0101, 6880 8949
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